//My Thought My Way | Ch: 3 The Reality
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My Thought My Way | Ch: 3 The Reality

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become –Lord Buddha.

To start this article, nothing could be better than the line said by Buddha himself. Basically, every person is the creator of his/her own life. Whatever that person has; whatever that person is; it is due to the person’s very own decision and thoughts. Everyone has the same right for this universe and this universe is meant to fulfill that person’s every wish or desires.

Important Question

So, every person who understands the rule of attraction and knows how to control their emotions will be happy? Probably, not. There is more to this which we all have to know and understand.

Among many, the most important one is the constructive process, wherein, faith plays a very essential role. It is a process in which one can achieve anything which he/she thinks. Along with thinking about your dream you should keep faith in yourself and then visualize it that you have already owned it.

FaithThis faith helps you in connecting your dreams or wish to the situations of your life. When the frequencies are at same levels in the universe then they are reflected back on you, which help to initiate the positive events associated with your thoughts or wish. Among all, the peculiar fact is that it all happens so quickly that you don’t even notice it.

If you are clear and focused on your dreams then just like the Aladdin’s jinn, this universe helps in achieving your dream. In contrast to this, if you are unclear or confused with your dreams then this universe will reflect back the same confusion related frequencies on you.

While thinking about this concept you’ll figure out that even different religions and traditions have also accepted that there is something huge which always works for our betterment. Just like you have faith in your god, you must keep faith in your dreams and visualize it, which is also very important.

It’s a common sense that every person dreams about those things which gives him/her happiness or pleasure, ultimately changing that person’s current emotion into happiness. The moment when thoughts and emotion’s frequencies of a person start to change his dreams starts to become reality. Simply, if a person starts believing that he/she have already achieved his/her dreams then trust me that same person will anyhow going to achieve it.

Real Life Experience

Almost 20 odd years from now, I was returning home along with one of my friend from the theatre in Delhi after watching a late night movie. Due to the unavailability of the public transport, we have to walk roughly around 3kms to our way home. Out of the blues, my friend made this very hearty request that hopefully, someone should give us the lift. Suddenly, a car stops nearby and asked that whether we want a lift? With all the happiness we nodded our heads and got inside the car. I still remember when I reached home; I exclaimed to my friend that isn’t it a coincidence?

Night Vehicles

For several instances, these types of situations occurred in my life which was always very surprising and I am sure that similar things must have happened in your life too. The only difference between now and then is the fact that then I didn’t know about all these rules of the universe and I believed it as just a coincidence.

Now, after understanding these rules, I can definitely say that back then my friend wished with just his emotion of love and anger. Along with the emotion, it was his utmost self-confidence and enthusiasm which helped in fulfilling his dream unknowingly.

Back to the Basics

You can attain the constructive process by trying these rules with small things. If you understand all these rules then just like the Aladdin’s jinn, this universe will help you in achieving your dreams. Always remember that every discovery and every invention in the history of humankind is initiated with the thought which helped in paving the path and that path changed the dream into reality.

The Way Out

We should respect that everything present in this universe is someone’s wish or desire. For e.g., if you are not happy with your mobile phone and you wanted a new one then first you should be thankful to your current phone. If you are not thankful for everything you have and you pet negative emotions like jealousy, dissatisfaction or unhappiness then it will create various problems on the way to achieving all your desires.

If you are thankful/grateful for everything you have like your health, wealth or property then it will lead to developing one endless thought. This will help you in achieving happiness and success in your life. If you are grateful for your current situation then in a near future definitely you’ll be going to live your dreams.

What to do?

You can start your day by following this rule; you can even schedule all your day’s plan in your brain. Along with this, you can be grateful for everything which you have. You must thank yourself and every other person who is somehow connected with you. After doing all these things, unconsciously you are giving form to all the events of your day. It’ll help in surrounding yourself with the positive frequencies which will help you in controlling all the future situations effectively.

old carYou must be thankful for everything including food and other things. Like, if you are not satisfied with your car, house or any other belonging which you want to replace, then for that, first you have to show respect for your old things. As unlike many, at least you have all those things. Subsequently, you can set your aim after visualizing your goal i.e. new car, house or anything which you want. You can do this for everything which you want in your life.

Now to conclude this chapter, we can say that we can achieve anything which we desire or dream from this universe which is created from our thoughts. There is a way to achieve all these things which completely depends on your faith, visualization of your dreams and being grateful towards other things. Arguably, there are countless possibilities of achieving anything from this universe just like the line of the Buddha- All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.

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Ch: 3  Reality


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