//My Thought My Way | Ch: 2 Controlling your Emotions

My Thought My Way | Ch: 2 Controlling your Emotions

What’s the purpose of any human? Happiness and Success!

And how can we achieve it? Of course, with our way of thinking which we discussed in the very first chapter.

Our thoughts are attached to our emotions and energy, and by controlling these we can control our thoughts.

But, how can we control it?

To understand this, we must understand the 2 very important examples-

  1. Timeline of Human Race
  2. Timeline of any Human Being

Timeline of Human Race

Humans have continuously evolved to attain happiness and success. From caves and jungle, they moved together which leads to the formation of a group, a community and then a civilization. Still, they failed in finding the desired happiness and success, so they created the concept of god and religion to support their ideology and beliefs. It marked the beginning of several great religion and religious text with each having their own followers. Moving forward, to avoid injustice with anyone, we established our own set of rules and laws. Then in an effort to make people’s lives easy and to find the solutions for all wondered questions, we also understood the science which then further resulted in countless inventions for the betterment of humankind.

Community, religion, law, education and science have managed to change the human’s way of living to entirety. These all definitely made humans life easy and to some extent, they were successful in bringing happiness and success to humans, but it was just for a short period of time. For e.g. take the invention of the airplane, undoubtedly, it eased everyone’s lives and initially, we were even happy but again it was just for a brief time period.

ScienceEmotion is very essential for happiness and success. Unfortunately, science could never devise the machine capable enough to measure the love, affection, anger, tension, fear or any other kind of emotions helping us to control it. Actually, science always believed in logical, factual and empirical evidences and rejected every single situation or thing which lacks any valid reason.

The purpose of discussing all this was just to know the fact that we have to understand the universal existence of this overall concept by thinking beyond science. We have to understand the powerful energy, whose fluctuation or transformation can affect our whole lives. We have to understand all the emotions which are related to all the unnecessary frequencies so that we can control it to avoid any negativity from our lives.

It’s a fact that every human in this world comes with positive energy but it is the rules and situations which we create ends up in affecting that very own energy. Strange verity is that due to lack of knowledge, we even fail to understand this, ultimately, falling in the clutches of negative energies including jealousy, fear or consciousness.

Now, here’s the 2nd example ‘Timeline of any Human Being’

Whenever a baby is born; naturally there is a sense of attachment and bonding between the mother and that child. He doesn’t even care about other people. He couldn’t differentiate between good-bad, love-hate, caste-religion or right or wrong. If that kid finds anyone loving, he tries to play with that person and he doesn’t go to the person whom he doesn’t like. At that small age, he knows how to fulfill all his needs despite not being able to walk or speak.

But have you ever thought about how it is possible? As, in the end, that kid doesn’t even know how to speak! Right?

In this world, every single kid is born with almost the same energies even though they have differences in their DNA. Without even speaking, they can achieve everything that they need, either by love or anger (by crying). It means initially they are born with only two emotions which are love and anger. And these two emotions are the most powerful emotions in the world which can help us in achieving anything which we desire. If we start living with these two emotions then we can avoid all the other unnecessary emotions which can affect our thoughts.

Now, when the kid starts getting mature, we start to inform him about this world, the way of living, things to do and other things. We try to teach him about religion, caste, our people, language, ethnicity, etc. Again and again, we remind him about how studying, getting good grades, being an engineer or doctor, high paying jobs and status are important to live a good life.

Without knowing his interests, we start preparing him to be the next Sachin Tendulkar or Leonardo DiCaprio. With all these enforcing and pressure, unknowingly we affect their motivation and concentration which is also considered as one of the strongest emotions among others. This also replaces the strong emotions with the negative ones like tension or insecurity.

Now, what’s after this? School!


These days, sending our kids to the school at a very small age is also getting common. Along with this we continuously asks them to get good grades and study more which somehow affect their creative, attentive and innovative mindset. In the age, where kids are required to play, we start teaching them discipline, rules, the way of living and life goals. Basically, telling about education, discipline and rules are not bad but it is very important to teach these things at right time in a right way which can help in filling the gap between two emotions.

Along with bribing or tempting our kids, now we even start to scold them which slowly affects his both the strong emotions. Now his emotion of love gets transformed into other emotions like hope, sympathy or pity, whereas, his anger now becomes negative emotions like tension, fear, jealousy and distress.

Sad kidAll these emotions are further transformed into negative thoughts which are then reflected into the universe and attract other thoughts of the same frequency. After attracting other thoughts they come back to their source affecting their life. If you have read the previous chapter then you’ll remember that we have already discussed it in Charles Hannel’s rule.

With all this, you can understand that our emotions directly affect our thoughts. Now, think about that child who is surrounded by all the negative emotions after all the life events which really drifts him far away from the success.

So, how come in this world there is so less number of successful people?

If you’ll try to remember your school days, then you will notice that in every class there were only a few students who used to be extraordinary or brilliant. This means that these are the few kids who manage to prevent the development of non-essential emotions by their strength and obstinance. These kids somehow protected both of their emotions along with their dreams and in some cases, their parents or teachers also helped them in doing so.

Now if we summarize this whole chapter, we’ll understand that no matter how far humans have come and how much science has made our lives easy, still the percentage of happy and successful people is very less. If you want happiness and success, then try to protect and control your two strong emotions; emotions of love and anger; emotions necessary to bring the desired positivity.

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