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From “Knowledge Meets Art” to the “KOMA”, 100s of names have struck our minds before finally selecting Noted Notions. The aim was to deliver the expression, no matter how random or straight, which we couldn’t do while we were studying or working. Here we bring you our opinions, facts or thoughts on some serious topics like youth, India or even Indians along with the tale of some extraordinary humans who have managed to change the field of science to entirety. Notion will also cover science and health-related topics in a super interesting and simple way. Additionally, there will also be the section of random thoughts with the magical touch of cartoonish characters to bring a smile on the face of Noted Notion readers.

The Creators

The cartoonist

The Cartoonist

If one line which suits our cartoonist more than anything is that, “Graphic Designer by Profession and Cartoonist by Choice”. What fascinates me about him is the fact that, despite having such a hectic schedule, he somehow manages to sneak those few minutes to scribble and give the life to what you all called cartoons. That one hidden passion; passion to make cartoons brought him to Noted Notions.

Enjoy the Cartoons and Enjoy the Beauty of Cartoonic Expressions.

The Writer

After some hustle, he came to Mumbai, completed his engineering and ironically, survived it too. Unaware of the fact that, ‘one should always walk with the time’; he was racing way ahead than others. The failure came knocking at the door, it was miserable.  He started working as a writer for one of the top healthcare organization of this country. Suddenly, when his life was back on track with all the comforts, he realized that something is not good. He gave the resignation, created this site and started this journey of blogging. Hope for the best.

Keep Reading, Keep Learning & Keep Thinking.

The writer


Most frequent questions and answers

Can I Trust The Content?

Yes! You can. As our team only refers to scientific journals, research papers and books for collecting the entire data for an article. All the statistics are taken only from the government websites, World Health Organizations, Top Media Channels or other trusted web sources. If you are any student or concerned individual then we can provide you the sources of the articles or any particular section of a blog if requested.

Can I download the Health Infographics?

Yes, you are free to download any images from the Noted Notion website including health infographics but only for personal use. You can not use images for any commercial purpose, mass distribution for any profit or selling it to the third party. Please visit our terms and conditions page for further information on using the images.

After reading these articles, I don’t think i need any doctor.

No! All the information on www.notednotion.com is just for information purpose and personal knowledge only. If you are suffering for any condition you must consult the doctor before taking any personal action.

Can I write on www.notednotion.com?

Yes! You can. If you are interested in writing any article related to health, biotechnology or on any other topic then feel free to contact us. Our team will guide you on every do’s and don’ts of writing an article relevant to Noted Notion. We will be glad to hear from you.