//8 Secrets every Sales Manager should know

8 Secrets every Sales Manager should know

The ever-growing demand for completing targets; the constant fear of losing a client and the extensive requirement of owning the market has made sales one of the most challenging jobs among others. Unclear goals or motive and even lack of teamwork makes it more strenuous. In this article, we’ll discuss the very same challenge and secrets to overcoming it.

As constant growth in sales is required to keep any company, organizations or even small businesses running; similarly, a good sales team is required to achieve that constant growth. The foremost task of this team is to approach numerous customers, meet new clients and to increase the sale of their services or products. These and many other reasons lead to several negative outcomes and reviews as compared to any other teams of that very same company.

In this situation, keeping up the motivation within the sales team becomes very essential for the sales manager. It has also become one of the most common questions which always lingers in the ever-searching mind of a sales manager. “How to keep my team always motivated despite all the failures?” So here are 8 of my tricks which always helped me on this beautiful journey.

  • Joint Meeting

Regularly taking a joint meeting is very important to keep up the motivation within your team. If possible try to take this meeting every week or else every month. Make sure everyone from your team is present in this meeting including all the seniors.

Many times, seniors take this meeting but if it fails to produce regular positive results then they postpone or stop conducting it. Always remember that it’s you who acts as the motivation for your team. Always plan the meeting before taking it and be clear with the points which you’ll be going to discuss. Taking meetings is one of the most effective ways to keep your team motivated so always take the meetings.

  • Be Excited

team meeting

There should be excitement within you from the beginning to the end of the meeting. Just like after watching any emotional movie, we get emotional or after watching an action movie we get energetic; similarly, after seeing you excited your team feels the same. So, always be excited.

  • Positive Talk

While taking the meeting always try to talk positive. Many times due to certain questions or because of the poor performance of any member we tend to get angry or rude, but at that time, try to calm yourself down. Always remember that this may demotivate your team which can affect the performances. Unfailingly, try to be positive!

  • Appreciate the Top Performers

It is an utmost important step to motivate your team. Don’t forget to appreciate all those people in the meeting who have performed well. This will motivate any amateur or new salesman to work even harder so that they can get appreciation too in forthcoming meetings. It will also create positive pressure on older team members encouraging them to focus on their goals and perform well in near future.

  • Share your Result

If you are also performing alongside your team then for sure share your results with them. Inform everyone that even you are an important part of their team as well as their work. This will give extra motivation to your team members. Now, they’ll also understand that their senior is doing the similar work as they are doing. If any of your team members come up with any type of problem which is genuine then try to solve it; by doing this you’ll earn their respect.

Note: Only discuss your results with your team when it is higher than 70% of your team members or else it will lead to a negative effect.

  • Make a Joint Goal


It’s true that in a sales team, every person has their own goals but in the meeting give your team a joint goal instead of giving the targets individually. This will encourage the teamwork among all the team members and instead of pulling other’s leg, they’ll start working together as a team.

As they say “What a team can achieve together, an individual can never achieve alone”, it’s equally true for sales too.

  • Throw Competition

You can even throw a competition to boost the sales of your team. Every team members will give an extra effort to achieve it and to win the competition. This can lead to significant improvement in the sales. Always remember that it’s your duty to keep alive the desire of achieving more among your team members.

  • Your Support

In each team meeting, assure your team that it’s you who is superior and at the same time they all are your responsibility. No matter what, you’ll always help them in their difficulties. You have to win the trust of each of your team members and ensure them that you’ll help them to achieve their targets and reach their goals. This will create an ever-lasting trust between you and your team members helping you to reach any given target.

Note: Remember the fact that you don’t help them or assist them more than needed or else your team will get dependent on you and then this will be dangerous in the future.

Well, this was it, if this article was helpful then do share this gyan with all your loved ones and feel free to post all your doubts, questions or your opinions in the comment section below.

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