//10 Useful Tips for Generating Good Sales
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10 Useful Tips for Generating Good Sales

Both sales and salesman have become very common these days. Many consider sales as a very challenging field and due to this, they are always hesitant about making their career in it. For many reasons, it is true but if a person develops the right skill then generating the good result from sales won’t be taxing as people think.

For me, just like every other art, it is an art too. The art of making contacts; the art of convincing people; and the art of selling anything and everything with the right information and knowledge to the right people.

Generally, in sales, a target is given to an employee. To save their jobs anyhow employees have to achieve their target. It becomes easy for all those employees who master this art but for many who find it difficult, this field can become a serious problem with serious consequences.

So let’s know the 10 tips which really helped me excelling this art.

  • Product’s knowledge

You should be well versed about the company and their products or services. It helps you in giving detailed descriptions about your products to your clients. It will also be helpful in telling your client that why your products or services are better than the others. It also boosts your confidence. If you don’t know about your products then convincing your clients becomes very difficult.

Give time to your customer or client after giving every detail. Don’t annoy them by continuously calling or messaging them as it’ll affect your sales. Building trust is right but pressurizing someone is not.


  • Be confident

Always confidently describe your product or services to your clients. If you don’t talk or look confident then you’ll never succeed in convincing your client. Additionally, always try to tone down your voice while talking.

  • Avoid overconfidence

Never be overconfident. By this, I mean that never exaggerate about your service or product and never give any commitment which you can’t fulfill.

  • Always try to identify potential client

Identifying potential customer is very important. You should always know that whether your customer is interested in buying your product or not and whether it is beneficial for them or not.

  • Understand your customer’s choice

You should know the right product for your customer. You should know about the product for which your customer might show their interest. If you misunderstood the customer and tried to convince them by showing other products then it might create a negative impression.

  • Praise your Clients and their Business

Who doesn’t love to hear the compliments? Before selling your products always give compliments to your clients and praise about their business. Always remember that you NEVER OVERDO IT as it can make things very clear that you are doing this just for your own good.

  • Never force anyone

I have noticed many times and even heard from a lot of my customers that often salesmen try to generate their sales by forcing their clients on the name of good past relations. You should never practice such kind of behavior as it may devalue your name. Likewise, it also affects your relationship with that client which may be harmful in long run.

  • Try to form a circle

Achieving your target or increasing your business is very important in this field. For this, you can focus on forming a circle which can be simply done by asking 2 to 3 contacts from your clients only. This will help you in generating good leads and maintaining your sales without much effort.

  • Be Honest & Build Trust

There is no such thing which is greater than a person’s honesty. Many times your client will overpay you or will forget to take any scheme from you then at that moment deal with the situation with your honesty. This will help in building the trust between you and your client which will be very important in your long run and market reputation.


There will also be a time when your client will blindly buy things from you just because of the trust. Don’t think about benefiting from that situation because at that time you may get your business but in near future, it’ll have a negative outcome.

  • Don’t use harsh or foul language

Whenever you approach any client or customer then always be aware of your language and tone. Don’t let your client assume that you are overpowering them. Be polite and gentle while having the discussion. Contrary to this, try to avoid being desperate for selling your products or services.

Bonus Tip

  • Don’t change your job

You’ll lose your identity in the market by regularly changing your job. If you are unable to achieve your target then instead of changing your job try to look for the problems and their solutions. Talk to your peers and seniors about it. Initially, try to focus on building the relationship with your clients in the market instead of looking for the opportunities to sell your products quickly.

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